I’m Rhiannon, wife to Alex and Mamma to M and A.

I’ve started this blog as a way to log our days as a family and to encourage me to notice all the beautiful things going on around me amongst the chaos of motherhood!

Here is a glimpse of what we get up to all day….welcome.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello to you all,
    I have just spent the best time i’ve had in a long time reading your blog Rhi,sorry for not doing so sooner,your recipes and photos are so special to have.Im rubbish at turning on this computer…….it will now be on each day.Love to you all. xx

  2. Hello to you all,…..i love all the photos especially the one of M looking so angelic cuching up to A with A saying “not today thank you” in her own way. Lots of love XXXX.

  3. Yeee!!! M and A, you both look so funny in your halloween outfits,think i should have got two little devils though…..and love the coat you knitted Rhi,you are so clever and talented. xxxxxxloads of love and see you soon,looking forward to seeing the coat you have made for your self.XXX

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