new additions

We had to refresh our chickens early spring thanks to old Mr fox, that’s old news but I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite a while now I realise.  We have a cockerel who is a coucou de rennes(Alfred), three marans (Frances, Grace and Ida, characters from a favourite book of M’s) and “the grey one”.  We like these chickens a lot more than the last ones, they are the real deal, hunting and scavenging and full of beans, they’ll do anything for a juicy snail (comes in handy with the garden).

We also took on a pregnant rabbit, Alex made a lovely cage with some nifty guttering feeders and other gadgets, so that we can have pastured rabbits.  We shall also be receiving two new mystery arrivals at the end of next month that we need to prepare for, we’re excited!














One thought on “new additions

  1. Les vrais poulets françaises – elles aiment les escargots! A est si belle avec son coiffeur nouveau aussi – elle est vraiment comme une enfante, pas une bebée.

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