St Davids day

I realised last week that saint David’s day was coming up and thought my little ones would enjoy a day of dressing up, eating welsh cakes and cawl, singing welsh songs ect ect.  Well in any case, I thought, they are good sports and so far pretty much enthusiastic about anything, and this was no exception!








5 thoughts on “St Davids day

  1. Nice for them to get a bit of the other side of their heritage (only a quarter really, but…). We had friends for dinner and I experimented with herb welshcakes to go with the main course – worked OK I thought, but might have been better served with cheese. Big kisses to all!

  2. Merci Rhiannon, nous avons l’impression d’être près de vous, elles sont bien belles nos petites filles dans leurs habits Gallois, et les gâteaux sont bien appétissants. Nous sommes à Tafraout, capitale de la babouche, il fait très très chaud.., petit déjeuner au soleil, ensuite nous recherchons l’ombre( il fait quand même 26° à l’ombre)
    Gros bisous

  3. Hello girls !
    Such beautiful ladies we have here ! I did not know about St David’s Day and I learnt a little more with your help, merci !! Comme A a grandi ; j’ai vraiment hate de vous revoir très vite… Je ne sais pas quand mais we must plan something !! Bisouxxx

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