the late winter garden

In our late winter garden.

















  • sprouts, kale and swede are still coming in
  • fruit trees are pruned and starting to come to life again
  • garlic is sprouting, as are the onions and all things bulb
  • hello crocus, snowdrops and soon daffodils
  • peas and broad beans are in!
  • two little girls are as full of youthful exhuberation as ever and enjoying every second of a sunny late winter day being free and learning about the world outside (as is their mother)


Winter is on it’s last legs, such a mild one we’ve had, and there is March waiting at the end of the week.  It was so spring like out there today, we watched sparrows making a nest on the side of our house, (where there has been a nest every year since we’ve been here), the heather was full of bumble bees and a few honey bees too, we can see and hear a lot of bustle and activity going on.

Here is a quote for you from one of M’s (and my) favourite stories The Wind in the Willows, we were all feeling a bit like mole today, “Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with it’s spirit of divine discontent and longing.”




2 thoughts on “the late winter garden

  1. Quel bonheur de te retrouver sur ton blog Rhiannon et de voir M et A, vous nous manquez
    Quels beaux choux..toujours aussi beau ton jardin! Ici, nous avons beaucoup de légumes, petits pois, haricots verts
    Même les fraises sont bonnes !
    Gros gros bisous à tous les 4

    • These photographs are so beautiful, it is lovely to be able to see how M and A are growing up. You are a wonderful photographer Rhiannon!

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