in the kitchen

It’s been a while that I’ve been in denial about this, but, whilst no one in this family is allergic or even what I would call intolerant, it would seem everyone here is better off without dairy and gluten. I’ve just had to tweak our evening meals, rice noodles instead of egg noodles, potatoes instead of dumplings, rice instead of tortillas ect but I’m still figuring out what to make for breakfast (I’m looking forward to our glut of eggs again) and I often find myself stumped at snack requests.  We are mostly dairy free too and the small amount of cheese we eat is either goat or ewes cheese.

Thankfully we are fortunate enough that I won’t have to keep M away from her Roquefort or deny anyone the mince pies but I’m quite enjoying the shake up going on in the kitchen, and goodness knows filling those little bellies and seeing their bright eyes and bushy tails is, of course, worth it.

Here are some pictures of things that have been a hit, , pear salad (got to find more things to do with pears, any ideas?!), polenta pizzas and baked apples with custard and granola.







3 thoughts on “in the kitchen

  1. I have two friends who are gluten intolerant and one who is lactose intolerant. There’s a lot of brown rice risotto going on, but I did make some fake gnocchi by mixing some egg into mashed potato, forming it into balls and baking it in the oven rather than boiling it. It worked OK with some tomato and basil sauce. Might be good for snacks. Need more eggs, though… How about porridge for breakfast? A can have a fine old time with that!

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