old scrawny

Our tree got put up this weekend, or rather dug up.  It was growing right next to one of the small buildings so we needed to move or cut it.  Yes, it’s a bit scrawny and I did have to give it quite a wash to get the bird poo off  but it grew here and I love it.  With any luck we’re hoping it will continue to grow here for years to come.

It’s a bit ridiculous having a tree in your living room but it is beautiful and I love opening our box of decorations and finding all the things we’ve made over the years.






One thought on “old scrawny

  1. That looks really nice! We aren’t having a tree this year, it’s just the two of us and I’ve never managed to keep a tree alive from one year to the next so killing a tree seemed a bit excessive. So it’s nice to have a piccy of yours!

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