in the garden

There is not a lot of variety coming from the garden now. I’ve harvested and stored the last of the carrots and there are only a few turnips left really.  Sprouts and swede are ready to eat soon and the kale, leeks, rocket and fennel are still going strong for now.  Most of the beds have been put to rest with good thick layers of compost and leaves and permanent paths have been decided and put in place.  A final plantation of onion sets and garlic sees the end of the 2013 garden as we start to lean on the produce from the freezer and the things I’ve canned.  Plans are getting made for next years garden keeping the new knowledge we’ve gained from this year in mind, and so the cycle continues.





One thought on “in the garden

  1. Toujours un plaisir de te suivre régulièrement, merci Rhiannon. Plein de découvertes à notre retour, tes photos sont très belles, elles nous permettent de “voir” avec tes yeux, elle est bien jolie et heureuse notre petite A !
    Gros bisous

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