happy birthday Alex

We’ve been celebrating the man of the house here today.  M and I had fun treating him to his favourite food and in turn he has, as always, been a good sport, donning my gift of a knitted vest and M’s pasta necklace and telling us he loves them.  I put chicken caesar salad in is lunch-box and sushi for when he got home, such an elegant man as he is, all polished off by a wondrous chocolate cake from our novelty cookbook.

This is the man who can renovate a house in six months AND hold down a full time job, keep his cool and a smile on his face through all kinds of craziness, not least of which an unassisted home birth.  He’s also the man who makes us laugh everyday, and, when the day is nearly over, and I’m beyond frazzled, with a great gust of energy picks up all the pieces and holds us together.


Happy Birthday Alex, we love you!









One thought on “happy birthday Alex

  1. Thank you for my birthday treats !!! and thank you for your post, I am soooo lucky to have you in my life and to get to look after you guys !

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