apples and pears



My modest hoard of winter squash


I spent a pleasant few hours yesterday afternoon, my trusty side kick Cosmo and I, picking and storing away apples and pears.  I say pleasant but really there were far too many earwigs involved and in all honesty after rumaging down my sleeve for one that fell down there I started to think I’m not cut out for this country life at all.  I am getting better with spiders and earwigs and the like though.  The kids help me with that because a. I dont want to set a silly example and b.  there is not a lot of time for fussing these days and c. I realise they have fascinating little lives that make everything grow and decompose and survive.

I fished the earwig out, we were both left unharmed, I sat down and tried one of those small dull looking apples that I assumed was going to be…meh, but it turned out to be the best apple I have ever eaten in my life!


One thought on “apples and pears

  1. Coucou, l’hiver peut être rude, vous êtes prêts avec vos provisions…. Y a t’il des courges de ton jardin ? Il y en a de belles grosses ! J’ai fait de la confiture de potimarron et potimarron + pommes. Très bonnes.
    Bisous à tous les 4 et bon week end

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