pesto presto

M got very enthusiastic when I told her we were going to make pesto because she thought I had said presto, something her beloved magical Mr Mistofelees says.  Sorry kiddo, but a freshly made pesto is a bit like magic if you’ve only tasted the shop bought kind, she wasn’t disappointed.  You see, we’ve still been picking fresh basil from the garden, I know, with November lurking at the the end of the week!  It seems too good to be true really, so I decided it was time to bring in all the fresh herbs before any real frosts arrive.  We made a classic basil pesto and then another sage and walnut one to go with all those squash and pumpkins we bought over the weekend.  Here is the recipe, roughly.

Presto for pumpkins

6 large handfuls of fresh sage

4 cloves of garlic

1 1/2 cups of shelled walnuts

zest and juice of 1 lemon

1/2 cup olive oil

80g parmesan or very mature cheddar works too

Thats it, it’s better to bash up the herbs in a pestle and mortar but I just wizz it in the food processor starting with the garlic on its own and adding the oil last.  I freeze mine in icecube trays and then pop them out into freezer bags once they’re frozen.  It could be just kept in the fridge though, with a layer of oil on the top it would keep for a month or so.   In my opinion cheese doesn’t freeze well at all so you might want to add that in when you are about to use it.  M also added some nasturtium leaves because well, she’ll add them to anything she can.





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