thumb print cookies

I’m always trying to build up my recipies of “fun things to cook with M”.  You know, things that are quick and easy, dont require elbow grease or a lot of washing up, and bonus if you get to use your hands.  Well, these thumb print cookies we made today fit every one of those criteria.  I saw a recipe in our “feeding the whole family” book, which I love, but didn’t have most of the ingredients.  Thankfully a three year old is pretty uninterested in the end product and mostly just concerned about the process, so we just got on with it and mixed up flour, baking powder, ground hazelnuts, salt.  We then melted some, ahem, a LOT of butter and mixed some agave syrup into that, mixed everything together, kneaded it a bit, rolled them into balls and squished them with our thumbs to make a little receptacle for a small spoon of jam.  Baked them for 15-20 minutes et voila.  They are all packed up to share on our outing to a 17th century blacksmiths tomorrow.






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