last chance

We are still harvesting the last of the summer vegetables.  There are quite a few auberjines to be had yet, the most delicious vegetable there is if you ask me, and someone here is really enjoying the last raspberries.

There are still plenty of eggs from our ladies who apart from some broodyness have all been getting on really well this year.  We lost our cockrel this year who was actually just a hen but got power hungry and wanted to rule them all.  She even mimicked the cock a doodle do and she never did lay an egg.  We added two new hens this year, and, she died.  A heart attack we think, Alex thinks it was from sexual frustration.  I quite miss her but truthfully there was a lot of pecking eachother going on and well lets just say sometimes it wasn’t pretty over there.  Yes, a little less power and control goes a long way.






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