a smock coat for M

I started off knitting  something for A but ended up allowing so much room to grow that it’s a perfect fit for M.  I can see a pattern emerging here.  I’m new at this mothering of two, well just new at mothering at all really and there are so many details like this that I haven’t quite figured out.   Well, A will get it next winter and thankfully these little ones are (so far) blissfully unaware if what they are wearing is a hand me down, mummy made it, it came from a shop ect.  In fact I think they would be happy to do away with clothes all together.  They like to keep things simple, reminding me to do the same.


I’m pleased with this one, but it’s in serious need of blocking, look at it curling all over the place, and really, how long do you reckon it’s going to stay that colour? (see last picture)







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