autumn garden

You would expect to see a lot of pictures of pumpkins with a title like that but thanks to our old friends the slugs, we only grew one measly butternut squash this year.  Not a year for pumpkins, but it was a good year for all our fruit and peas, beans,onions and definitely tomatoes.  All of which fill our freezer and cupboard and all of which I’m very thankfull for, but, I have to say the pumpkins and squashes will be sorely missed.  I’ve now got a good reason to spend a packet at the annual pumpkin festival we’ll be going to next week though haven’t I?

It’s so good to be outside at this time of year, it’s still warm and the light is beautiful.  I’m also especially aware that our days spent outside are numbered.  I’m making the most of the constant entertainment the outside brings to our two little ones, there are so many insects out there at the moment.

I had the privilege of spending most of Saturday out in the garden alone with just the cat for company.









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