M’s current craze is for Cats the musical, which by the way I think is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen, and all dreamed up by that funny A.L. Webber man.  It boggles my mind.  She’s been begging me to make her a cat outfit (“lets make it just right now Mummy”).  She wants a black and white fluffy one to be precise.  She has only really watched the magical mr mistoffelees scene, and he is black and white so I assume she would like me to recreate this:


In the mean time she’s making do with this…


A’s swimming nappy, a pair of socks and she really does become a cat.



Even poor little A has been roped into her re enactments



3 thoughts on “cats

  1. Oh A, always smiling! And I can’t stop laughing at M-cat, with joy. When are you fitting the firework shooter?! Missing you all, this blog is a wonder for getting to see your faces. A million kisses and spinning arounds

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