hello autumn








With every last tomato accounted for (27 jars of tomatoes, 20 jars of salsa, phew) the windowsills are now home to piles of hazelnuts, apples and pears.  We have a LOT of hazelnut trees and we’re quite enjoying collecting the newly fallen ones every day.  I’m often wondering what the previous owners wanted with so many hazel trees?  Homemade Nutella no doubt, we are in France after all, it’s good for you here did you know?  The adverts say so.

I’m quite happy to say that all the canning for this year is done, the cupboard is full and I’ve run out of jars anyways.  My energy has shifted now to bringing in the last bits of produce, storing away the apples and pears.  I’ve casted on a new knitting project (a smock coat for A, although it might be big enough for M, hmmm) and I’ll be sorting out the winter coats and jumpers later today.  The seasonal book basket changed last week, we’ve got some good ones for autumn so far.  Autumn is definitely here in full force at our house.


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