last chance summer sewing


With still three days until we’re officially in autumn, I’ve still got some sewing energy left in me until the knitting basket comes out.  Plus, with an upcoming visit to my in-laws in Angers next week, I’ll be of course making a much anticipated trip to the fabric/wool shop, alone, to reduce the chances of making a rushed decision.  There is quite a pile of “what was I thinking” fabrics mounting up over here.

I’ve ordered a pattern for a coat by Deer and Doe.  It’s been years of searching for the right coat in the shops, I refuse to buy something I don’t really like, so, it looks like I’m just going to have to make one myself!  The coats are always so “fashionable” in the shops aren’t they?  This pattern is a keeper though, no silly embellishments that will be already out of fashion by winter next year.  A new project in the making, can you tell I’m excited?–veste-pavot.html

For now I plan, scheme and give the sewing machine a servicing in preparation, she’s been acting a little bit odd lately.  I might rustle up a skirt in the mean time to get things going and check she’s up to the job….


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