tomatoes round two




This Saturday I had most of the day alone in the house.  The rare times this happens I usually wander around aimlessly panicking.  Thinking of all the things I should be doing but not quite getting my head around the idea that I won’t be interrupted by anyone.  This Saturday though I had things planned out way in advance.  A total reorganisation of the kitchen, seven kilos of tomatoes to see too and a rotation of toys in M’s room.  I’m always amazed at how much quicker things get done when my little ones aren’t around me, it makes me feel super human. I put up nine more jars of tomatoes and thirteen small jars of salsa.  The salsa turned out really hot which is more than ok by me, not so good for the wee ones.  I’ll just have to make some more.  Truth be told there can never be too much salsa on those shelves and there are still plenty of tomatoes ripening.

I found a giant gherkin growing out there in the garden this weekend.  I thought I’d finally pickled every last one of those nobbly monsters  but no, there it is dangling down, soaking up all this rain and growing bigger by the minute.  It is huge, I was thinking whether I should pickle it in a jar alone, and then I asked myself why not piccalilli?  I could use up a few green tomatoes for this too according to the recipe in the river cottage preserves handbook.  Hmmmm.

It was such a joy to see my sweet girls and husband when they got home.  M describing all the little details of her day to me and A clinging on to me for dear life, and me her.  I know they enjoyed every minute with their Dad who makes everything fun and not at all stressful, what a blessing he is!


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