rainy days



It was the first day in a long time where we were inside more than out.  Just going out to feed the neighbours rabbits, see to our chickens, grab a few things from the garden and collect the post really.  The day kept up a continuous drizzle for the entire day.  It’s good thing we all like being at home so much, we get quite excited about it actually.

We spent a while planning the day and filling up our “routine’ that we keep on the fridge.  There was a good half hour of jumping on M bed in the morning.  A was thrilled to find she could jump if she held on to the bed railings, M was equally thrilled to have a fellow jumper.

We read stacks of books of course and there was plenty of yoga scattered throughout the day.  M made a book about a man with no toes and she wrote the words cat and moon.  They had a bubble bath and this is where I got to do some reading of my own.

In the afternoon we made an apple cake which took me back to when A was born, we made it at least once a week around that time.  I forgot how good it is, for sure the best thing you can do with apples that I know of.  We ate it with a proper pot of tea and M spent quite some time laying the table just so.  There were plenty of frustrations, struggles, sighs and then bursts of creativity and imagination today, such are the days spent indoors.


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