swing time


IMG_0190 IMG_0186 IMG_0189

In the corner of the field south of the barn is where the swings hang from an almost dead walnut tree.  We’ve got lots of plans and ideas for this spot as a garden, but for now a hut made out of sticks and bracken, two swings and a couple of pallets to sit on have been more than we’ve needed.

This has been M’s favourite place to be all spring and summer long.  We’ve been down there almost everyday.  We take down a blanket, a book, her beloved foxy or sometimes the baby doll and sometimes a thermos of tea.  Although I always begrudge going down there, and will come up with many reasons in my head why I don’t have time go that day, we always do go, and away from all the chores and distractions of the house, I always enjoy it.  It’s a cool and calm spot, exactly what we need when we are all getting overwhelmed by our needs and ambitions of the day.  M knows this in her way better than I do.  I’ll be making the most of that spot during these last weeks whilst it’s still possible, although knowing M and her persistance we’ll be down there every day in winter too.


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