There is a lot of activity going on around here with last minute preparations for A’s first Birthday.  I find myself stopping mid project and reflecting a lot on this incredibly challenging and intense year that has wizzed by so quickly.  This time last year I was folding and stacking newborn clothes, cleaning everything like mad, eager to birth at that point and meet my baby.

A year on and I feel like we have finally found our groove as a family of four.  This year I’ve been pushed to the end of my rope many times, but then found there is amazingly more rope.  Since day one she has been right there with me, in my arms, strapped to my back, on my hip, on my lap, lying next to me, and we both feel that’s right where she should be.  Through all the struggles and nuttiness of this year, there she has been, just smiling beautifully and taking it all in her stride, and for that I’m more grateful than I can say.

There is very little this one year old needs to make her smile, but I wanted her to have something handmade by her Mamma all the same.  I’ve made her a cat from the book “wee wonderfuls”, I’ve had my eye on making that one for a while.  I’ve made quite few things from that book for M in the past.  It’s a beautiful book and the patterns are a joy to sew up.





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