beans beans the musical fruit



I had the idea to plant enough beans this year to dry and feed us for the winter.  Well, I prepared the bed, planted the seeds, surrounded them with wood ash to stop the slugs, watered, weeded.  When the beans grew I left them and they dried slowly slowly.  When the pods were are dry as paper I pulled up all the plants and finally podded the beans.  Once all the beans were shelled I looked down to my harvest, and realised I probably had enough to make maybe four chillies at most.

Why oh why are beans so cheap in the shops?  If I added up all the man hours I put into those beans they would probably be worth their weight in gold.  I haven’t given up however, in fact I plan to plant these beans next year.  Yes, I’ll plant all of them in the other field where I am currently preparing some new beds to continue this crazy cycle.  In any case they are definately worth more to me as seed beans than food beans if you see what I mean, and we are going to need to plant a lot to have enough it seems.


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