fête de la terre, Fontaine Daniel and welcome september


September is upon us, although still officially summer I can already feel that change in the air.  The chestnut and birch trees are losing their leaves and the nights are drawing in.  So much so that M and A could stay up to look at the stars on Sunday night.  There will definitely be more canning in this next month but my mind is already starting to turn to autumn knitting.  I’m taking my time choosing patterns and wool carefully this year, no rushed decisions.  I’ve been licking my lips at a few patterns at Quince and co. and Ravelry.

We spent the weekend in the beautiful village of Fontaine Daniel for the annual Fête de la Terre.  It’s a very unique old mill town not far from us with a spring and a lake.  There was a lot we wanted to see so we went both days to soak it all up.   We chatted a long while with two lovely ladies who raise sheep and spin, I’m now really itching to get our own sheep, one day very soon I’m sure, how I would love to have my own hand spun wool.  Here are some high lights from the weekend.









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