We spent the weekend camping for the annual LED’A meet in Brittany.  LED’A is a homeschooling association, M and A will be homeschooled for lots of reasons.  It was great to be surrounded by like minded people, lots of kind sweet children and big groups of happy teenagers, but we were pretty exhausted by the end.  I’ll certaintly be happy to find my matress tonight, but what makes me even happier are these beautiful ripe figs we came home to.  When we were shown this house before we bought it, it was the fig tree that sealed the deal.  Last year we didnt get ANY, well we did, but they didnt have a chance to get ripe. Last year really was a poor year for all our fruit trees.

All is forgotten however because look! Look at the size of them.  M is not that fussed on them, so all the more for us…Might have to eat them with some of that yogurt for breakfast. Yes!



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